Tire Rotation Services

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Tires are expensive – there's no way around it. And you want to use the best ones you can afford because your family depends on your car's tires to keep you on the road when driving conditions are at their worst. But, like any other component on your vehicle, your tires can be made to last longer with proper maintenance. Tire rotation is a very important part to keeping your car safe for your family and extending the life of your tires.

Proper tire rotation is usually recommended about every 7,000 miles. This varies based on vehicle weight, driving conditions and tire quality. At Mondo's Auto Repair, we recommend a tire rotation every other oil change.

Every time you visit Mondo's Auto Repair, an expert, experienced, ASE-certified auto repair technician will review your vehicle during the complimentary Courtesy Inspection. This vehicle inspection includes the tires. Mondo's Auto Repair will check the air pressure and adjust as necessary based on manufacturer specifications, check for damage and check for uneven wear.

Not getting a tire rotation at recommended intervals can lead to uneven tire wear and possibly tire failure. Sometimes uneven wear can be a sign of an improper alignment. Mondo's Auto Repair will diagnose the vehicle, pinpoint the problems and minimize the cost of your repairs.