Service Details

Like every service at Mondo's Auto Repair, you get more than the ordinary. We know your family rides with you, and we want to make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to stop when you need it to.

At Mondo's Auto Repair, we do things the right way. We will never sell you only brake pads and we will always recommend only the right components recommended by the manufacturer. Each vehicle is different. The alloys used in brake pads and rotors are sometimes very specific. The wrong pads can mean significant damage to rotors and other vital parts. The expert technicians at Mondo's Auto Repair will always check to make sure your vehicle only receives the brake pads and components that are specifically engineered for it.

Every brake job means resurfacing the rotors. The brake pads are just half of the relationship – without properly serviced rotors, your car will not stop as it should. Every rotor is resurfaced according to manufacturer specifications and lubricated properly to make sure the brake pads get the maximum durability. These steps can make a major difference in your car's braking performance.

Fluid is an often overlooked component of the brake system. Brake fluid is checked for quantity, but not usually checked for quality. Your brake fluid can become dirty and create problems when it's supposed to be flowing to the calipers to stop your car. Clean, new brake fluid can help extend the life of your entire brake system and save you money on costly brake repairs in the future.