Check Engine Light

Service Details

There are a lot of places that offer a free check engine light check diagnostic. This can be misleading. The free reading you receive usually just tells part of the story. When your car's check engine light comes on, it's an indication that something is wrong. But a wrong diagnosis can lead to costly parts replacement that could not be necessary.

At Mondo's Auto Repair Automotive, we treat your car's check engine light with the same thorough approach that our expert ASE certified technicians take with other services and repairs. The reading is used to check the code that triggered the check engine light to turn on. The code indicates a problem on a particular circuit. It doesn't necessarily mean that there is a problem with a part. Mondo's Auto Repair Automotive will never sell you a part unless your car absolutely needs it.

We do a thorough inspection along with the computer analysis to pinpoint the cause of the problem and minimize the cost of your repairs. Your car is loaded with wires, sensors and computers. The check engine light indicates a problem, and problems don't usually get solved without attention. But, if the root of the check engine light indicator is not accurately diagnosed, the problem will reappear.

Rely on Mondo's Auto Repair Automotive and its team of ASE certified technicians to properly diagnose the root of the problem that caused your car's check engine light to appear. It could save you hundreds of dollars on parts your vehicle doesn't need.